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Dorset Youth Event Easter Saturday 30th March 2024


The first event in Weymouth was well received. Over 120 young people attended,  with around 60 young people from Weymouth itself and 40 - 50 form Poole going to support the event. 15 got the train together. We worshiped and explored the life that Jesus wants for us. 


The Churches in Weymouth provided a great team and were deeply encouraged by what the lord had done that evening. Particularly with a number of young people from Weymouth attending from the schools work that Dorset YFC make happen and seeing those young people experience Church for the first time! 


Funding who always be grateful but RESOUND needs to work on it as to which I know Aaron and myself are working towards. 


I ask CTIP to keep RESOUND on the mind. There is a real challenge that both for DYC and myself to sustain this ministry and meet the need we are seeing form young people wanting to know Jesus.  

Rob Sallis

Dorset Youth and SML

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