Churches Together in Poole


Churches Together in Poole


6th September 2016 @ St Peters Church Parkstone


1.      Jackie opened in prayer


2.      Finance update will happen next time – Steve Robinson not able to attend this meeting


3.      Poole Conversations (PC): Jackie thanked Alistair for all his hard work to make Poole Conversations happen & his subsequent follow-up work.


Alistair gave summary of the report from the Conversations – see report for more information. Based on feedback from PC main areas of concern are around young people (lack of aspiration/hope), social isolation and lack of community. Mark Philiips commented that these areas are where church is ideally suited to act. Alistair asked what do we do next? Ideas to bring greater sense of community – Christian festival/clean-ups. Coming alongside others. Networking existing services & bringing together what people currently do.


FW to map out some existing services and will involve Wellbeing co-operative/CVS. Details of whats available could then be given to churches to refer people on to services provided by other churches or organisations.


Breathing Spaces – use of reflection, mediation & open spaces, see attached for more information from Paul Brabury


Smile/GHT/FW to investigate work around supporting families.


4.      Prayer for Transformation of Poole – monthly on Monday nights @ St James Church Hall, 7.15-9pm


5.      Refugee Co-ordinator – post advertised – no take-up. Possible to employ co-ordinator to co-ordinate both refugee work and PC follow-up work to increase number of paid hours and make role more attractive?


6.      Sacre – position available on Sacre for non-Anglican rep – see Michael if interested.


7.      Unity Service – 22nd Jan 16 at St. Peters – date tbc depending on date of homelessness Sunday.


8.      Prayer breakfast @ The Greenhouse, 7.30am, Saturday 29th October


9.      18th Dec – St Peters Bournemouth – housing options workshop, 1-3pm. For help with onward housing.


10.  Next meeting – 1st Dec @ The Greenhouse, 12.30pm


9th June 2016 @ Holton Lee

1.       Jackie opened in prayer

2.       Alistair gave outline of the day for Poole Conversations on 29th June 4-6pm, Thistle Hotel, Poole

·         Arrive by 3.15pm in time to get parked, registration from 3.30pm. Park at rear of hotel and register vehicle with hotel reception so you don’t get charge

·         8-10 people p/table. Approx. 140 people coming making 15-20 tables. Where people will sit is tbc but probably mix of people on each table

·         4pm Start with input from key leaders, council leader, police & crime commissioner, CEO of VCS Poole, CEO of Poole hospital, Alistair re Faith audit

·         Each table to answer 4 questions:

·         What are the needs? What are the gaps? What are the projects that could work? What assets are available/exist?

·         Facilitator to be on each table. At end of the conversations there will be the opportunity to summarise key points and identify headline areas to take away & focus on in more detail.

·         Follow-up morning at Parkstone URC, 9.30-11.30 for those not able to come to Thistle hotel and to look at the headline areas in more detail. Core group to be formed to look at in more detail & come back to CiTP to discuss how churches/faith groups can help.

3.       Alistair outlined findings from Faith Action Audit – see summary of findings. This will be used in conjunction with Poole Conversations to identify projects/resources and to prevent duplication/encourage collaboration

4.       Discussion held around capacity of churches bearing in mind age & reducing number of volunteers. Discussion held around role of business/social enterprise – group expressed interest in hearing further from Steve of Prama on this, post Poole Conversations.

5.       Neil highlighted opportunity for a day conference organised & hosted by Holton Lee to look at how churches can work together on social action, particularly bearing in mind outcomes from Poole Conversations.

6.       17th Sept – Holton Lee Community event open to churches & Christian organisations to get involved in.

7.       AOB - Andrew highlighted work of the Poole Chaplaincy and asked that we support it and be aware of what it offers

8.       Next meeting – 6th Sept, St. Peters Church


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